So I dampened my hair last night, applied coconut oil, braided, and slept on a silk pillow case. I woke up and after undoing the braid, dampening, and applying product, I love the result! Minimum frizz and it doesn't shrink! I'm definitely going to continue doing this
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That is awesome!!! So I probably should have asked this earlier but how long is your hair?

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3C/4A Fine texture, low porosity, low/medium density? Trying CG since Dec. 2013
Shampoo: Curl's Creamy Curl Cleanser or clarifying shampoo when needed.
Co-wash: Curl's coconut curlada
Deep Condition: Experimenting in the kitchen
oil: flaxseed and coconut for treatments
Styler: Tresemme conditioner, alone or mixed together with aloe vera gel
Sealer: aloe vera juice