I'm sorry your daughter doesn't like her curls. I have a 6yr old son and he got his hair
cut too short once and his curls were gone. He kept telling me that he missed his curls.
He has 3b curls and I think the girls at school like his hair but I'm glad that he likes himself. I also have a daughter but she is too young to know what kind of curls she will have but I hope that she likes her hair. I think sometimes we have to grow to appreciate who we are. My sister who is 16 put a relaxer in her hair and messed up her curls against my advice. She ended up cutting all the relaxer off this year because she missed her curls. I would try playdates on the weekends with other young curly girls and trying hairstyles that you know your daughter may like along with
pretty ribbons etc. If she is a girly girl. I hope that she grows to appreciate her uniqueness. I bet she is cute with those 3b curls. Goodluck!!! Oh and we totally loved Brave. She was a pretty tough princess.

I like myself by Karen Beaumont
I like me by Nancy Carlson

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