(newbie here woot)
Okay so here's my little situation. So at the beginning of this week, i noticed my hair was falling out A LOT more that usual. Like, usually i lose quite a bit of hair every time i finally shampoo. But now every time i get in the shower, i'm losing completely healthy locks (i can see the hair follicles at the ends) and i'm really worried. Within a week i've lost about half of my normal volume and thickness to my hair. Not only that, but my curls that we once about 3a are now about a 2b. Which is making me really upset. I used to not be able to brush my hair curly but now i can easily brush it dry because its so thin. Also, one of my friends told me that my hair seems to be getting less curly everyday.
Can someone help me get my curls back? ;___;
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Ok check and double check and triple check that you are using the same products you've always been using. If its the same products check your eating habits. Any change there? Also is this change only happening to your hair? What about your skin? Are there other changes occuring to the rest your body? Have you been stressed out lately? If you're answering yes to more than two of these questions then please get yourself to a doctor. This could be a sign of a more serious problem.