I love shea moisture and I can agree with sixelamy about the coconut+hibiscus. Its some amazing stuff!!
I have the thickening growth milk as well and I can describe it feeling kind of lotiony if that makes sense. It feels like I'm putting lotion in my hair. Now I loved it in my longer hair days when I love doing updos etc. Because it gives my hair that big carefree look and leaves it feeling not too producty for days on end. Thisnis great but with my shorter hair it doesn't give me springy curls etc. And i sometimes like a little lift/suplort since my hair is short at the moment. The yucca line also has a very distinct smell for reference. Do try and take a whiff if you can. I don't hate the smell but I love the other lines a bit more in terms of smell.
Also I feel shea moisture, the products I generally use (from other brands too) do help my hair grow etc. But I think you should apply it to the roots if anything? Think about it... how can a styling product make your hair grow unless its making direct contact with the follicle? Idk it just doesn't seem right to me.

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