I can't seem to co-wash or do the non-poo cleansers very often, but low poo works fine. Also, Shea Moisture C&H shampoo works well, Deva Low poo, Jessicurl Gentle Lather, Kinky Curly Come Clean, all work as good as regular sulfate on me without being nearly as "stripping" as regular sulfates for me.
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Agree. Jessicurl Gentle Lather is my favorite, I think.

Cowashing doesn't leave me greasy but it makes my hair limp and straightens it a bit.
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This has been my problem lately. I have been co washing for 2 weeks now. I never went 2 days without sulfate shampoo before. But my roots are super flat now and my hair is less curly. My main concern is just the extra flat top hair. Any suggestions (anyone)?
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity