I've discovered that family gatherings are nicer when I add alcohol.

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I would be completely shunned by everyone but one Uncle and some cousins if I did that. I have drank at one official family gathering, and it was hosted by that Uncle at a motorcycle club/members only bar. I got trashed, my dad flipped the moment I opened my first beer, and I stayed and drank until 4am with my Uncle and played DJ all night. Dad knew I drank, I was 30. They just have a weird thing about drinking around family. My moms side it 10 times worse. Some might faint. All other gatherings are held at churches or community centers that do not allow adult beverages. Afterward... HUGE YES!!!!

That is pretty much so a cultural thing here, though. A common with locals. We get tore down at many other functions, away from prying eyes, but family ones are off limits. That includes weddings.
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Until thanksgiving of this year I rarely drank on family holidays. It really makes me like people more lol. Well, it helps that part of me that wants to tell people what i really think to just hush and go with the flow. And to be clear, I rarely drink at all so I only had one drink yesterday and it was enough lol.

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Hehe. One drink would probably do it for me too. It does help relax and calm the nerves that some family memebers can and will chew on.

I only drink a few times a year now. If I'm in a crowd of many people drinking, and feed off that energy, I will go with it BUT the rest of the time it's a drink here and there. It doesn't take much for me either, which is good because I was completely lushy in my irresponsible youth.

I finally finished watching every video on a list of 50 Sexiest Videos of all time. Still think this one deserved a higher spot, though it's really the song that's sexy more than the video. And Sting... Very sexy. I'm sure he was popular when he was a high school English teacher, though the song is not about him. Lolita reference.


Madonna (Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another. Love me) and Prince took the number 1 & 2 spot, as it should be. I was glad to see Wicked Games made it and How Does It Feel by D'Angelo. It had been a little while... Completely forgot Duran Duran's Girls on Film video was banned and only available on the Play Boy Channel for some time. I loved that song, and the video. How did I forget that? My mom always rented the collection of Duran Duran video's for me at the video store. It was a movie/collection. What was that called? The clerks (female) would flip out and say, "you know this contains naked women". My mom would look at me and I would chime in with something like... I've seen me naked. I'm not offended by a woman's body. I just want to see John Taylor! F**king Tipper Gore always tried to take away all the fun.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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