Thanks RCC! Those pics are from when I first started CG-- my hair's shorter- trying to make that "V" in the back less drastic & it's much healthier now. I really need to update my Fotki. Sorry I'm so late responding- work was cramping my time!

I need to give your condishes a try- I tend to be drier & coarser too. I've been using TooShea for months & it's not working like it used to anymore. My hair hates protein too, apparently but I thought the teeny bit in TooShea seemed ok- maybe not since it's not working. EMBC killed my hair the one time I used it, same thing with Activate & JoiWhip. (All 3 going on the swap board soon)

I color red/brown but haven't noticed significant fading- some definitely though. I've been using GF CnS as a leave-in & it has glycerin-- possible culprit.

I love Pink boots & use it pretty regularly, re:coil I use everyday. LOOB is no good on the other hand- I got one great day with it & every time since my hair is so dried out & tangled it's impossible to water rinse & detangle. (Swap boarding that too!)

No gel for you? Wow- can't get away with that. My hair goes off in space without gel to hold it back. Angell is hit or miss with me. If I use it too many days in a row, my hair gets frizzed like it's building up or something.

Ok- going to find your condishes. What's a few more bottles in the shower? If they don't work, at least I know who can take them off my hands!

3a/b mix