sorry Fifi, (I'm not referring to you directly, but the people you are referring to) but if taking a little bit of time to be considerate of the others is too frustrating for you, well I vote we move all those people to their own island. Chances are the hostility was already there. That is no excuse.

As for the terms, now that's a different conversation.
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I was thinking about how it must have felt for a person sitting in a class, who identifies as proud Cherokee Indian, being told that Indian is no longer acceptable and the term Native American should be used when I said that.
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I agree that calling someone Cherokee, Sioux, Cree, etc. is preferable to Native American, whenever possible. Just like calling someone French, Belgian, Swiss, etc. Is preferable to European or Kenyan, Sudanese, Liberian, etc. to African. But sometimes it's not possible or you need to make a generalization.

It seems the author of that aricle's main reasons for supporting the continued use of the term "Indian" is bc 1) it's been used for so long and 2) to object would make others uncomfortable. OK, not valid reasons for anything IMO.

Then the author says either term (Indian or Native American) are fine. But you (Fifi.G) said NA was too cumbersome/PC. But the Cherokee author, herself, said NA is OK.

I have to disagree w/ Rush Limbaugh here (), the legal term for ppl born in this country are "natural-born citizens" vs. "naturalized citizens (born in other countries and later become citizens here). So there is no conflict w/ "native American."

Again...American Indian Movement...United Negro College Fund...Nat'l Association for the Advancement of Colored People... the International Ladies Garment Workers Union...marginalized ppls frequently get stuck w/ objectifying/offensive names.

But seriously, this isn't India.
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No, I said "Oh for the love of all things PC" when talking (ranting on here, not to the person) about someone calling an American Indian License Plate (those can only be used by enrolled members of the Tribe, btw) an American Native American license plate, just to avoid saying American Indian, when that is what it is!

Say It.  I Dare You.-imageuploadedbycurltalk1388101128.406712.jpg

And I see a large difference in saying to object would make others uncomfortable and saying because several people feel removing the term Indian wipes away what was done to their ancestors. I do also believe I said I have used the term Native American, but the fact remains, I am more than aware of the workings of the Cherokee society where I live and I use what best applies *and that is when discussing the correct name of a movement, correct wording on tags for a vehicle, names of business, names of groups, interaction with tribal authorities, etc... in a respectful way. I do not put it all under a one term umbrella, because I know the terminology used on tribal land.

I think the author agrees with RL being an idiotic jerk.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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