It is possible for me to bleach the life out of my hair or colour it and keep my curls however it does takes a lot of care, patience and commitment on my part.
I have a hair lightening/colouring routine that works really well for my hair and I wouldn't dream of letting a hairdresser touch it, but I've been doing it myself for many years and it's taken some trial and error, so I'm not sure that's great advice for everyone to follow.

Basically I use a very low volume developer a few times over a week or a fortnight, then I'll give my hair a break and do treatments or hair masks for a week or so before doing another couple of low volume processes to achieve the shade I'm aiming for. If I want to go darker I'll go gradually as well, although the logistics for darkening are a bit different to lightening.You get the idea. I try to lift or darken slowly so I can monitor the hair and treat/condition it accordingly. It might take a few months to achieve the colour I want but I don't mind, I enjoy doing it. I accept that it's a bit high maintenance for others though. But I'm just saying it is possible to keep the curls.
Hair Type: 3a+3b high porosity.
Products: Semi Di Lino Nutritive Shampoo (sulfate free), Muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Conditioner, Coconut Oil + KCCC.