Gemima - how would you recommend gradually darkening? your method sounds nice. maybe gradually lightening and then dying it a nice red color hehe
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It depends on the shade you're starting with. Being super blonde I need to use a filler colour first to prevent my hair turning strange colours. For example, if I were to go brown I'd probably use a warm toned semi or demi first, to prevent the cooler tones in the brown turning the yellow of my hair into a vomit shade of green.
To go darker I do a series of lowlights a few times over two or three weeks, depending on when my days off work are. I always do one or two protein/moisture treatments a week so that's usually a good opportunity to add a little something extra if I notice my curls are lacking bounce after a few days of the new shade. After I'm happy with the coverage then it's just maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks.
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