If you had city water, would you have done anything? (We had a lot of pipes bursting here...)
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The fire dept's along with other emergency management personnel would still respond in situations with city water, if a house was flooding and there were hazards. EM helps document it so people can get assistance with the damage.

We also let the town water and sewer company know. In most cases I would tell the person to call W&S. People fo call 911 when they wake up with no water rather than calling them or a plumber, but if your house or business is flooding, I will gladly help you out.

It seems like the town/city water has more problems than others on springs or wells in my area. Several had a hard time with the most recent temps, but the town water pipes are always busting here.

ETA: And in case you were talking about at my house alone, because I am exhausted and can hardly read , I would have done the same to any pipes coming in my house. It does not matter if it's city, well, spring, plumbers, etc. All have been making some serious money this week, and been backed up. I got lucky. The plumber came by after one of his appointments that was nearby and two of the senior employees at the well company came by in a personal truck loaded with tools while everyone else was out in company trucks.
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Right, I meant at your own home. Do you reccommend that everyone do as you did? Why exactly?
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If you think you have frozen pipes, which there was a high likelihood after that cold snap, and it is going to take a little while for someone to come to your house and check, it's always good to take some preventive measures. I felt the pipes for any really cold places. A large difference from the rest of the pipes. I wrapped those area with hot towels, blew them with a hair dryer, etc to try to melt any ice that may be in there. The ice expands your pipes and causes them to bust so if you can get a jump on that... It's wise. Plumbers recommend you try. Several people can also unfreeze their own pipes and avoid a bill.

That is what I did first. Kept my faucets open and applied heat to the pipes or any outside walls that felt brutally cold. After I worked on that for some time, I went out to well pump again, flipped breakers and hit the reset buttons. Nothing. That is when I noticed a weird buzzing. I did a little reading on that and read the dangers of your well pump running or trying to run with no water flowing through. It can pull the water out of your hot water heater, causing major problems. It can also burn out your well pump. So, nothing was happening and i still could not be sure if it was a frozen pipe somewhere or a problem with the pump. To avoid a flood incase pipes busted or damage to my pump or water heaters I shut it all down. I kept the house as warm as possible and kept my fingers crossed someone could check soon.

They normally say shut off your main water valves after your pipe has busted but with another night in the single digits I thought it was better to plan ahead. Why wait for a flood?

With me it actually ended up being a combo. We did have a problem with the power supply box to the pump and frozen areas in the equipment, inside the well. Only one small leak was found and repaired. It could have been much worse.
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