my hair's been so icky and just plain blah lately. it's been limp, with either stringy, unspringy curls with alot of frizz inbetween them or ill-defined and fuzzy and just looking not nice! sleeping on wet hair is probably part of the problem, and possibly over-conditioning. my ideal hair is bouncy and volumious with silky, well-defined curls. here's a list of my current products, since i experiment with most of them.

~b2b pom condish
~white rain coconut condish
~activate 'poo
~gf s&s leave in
~la looks curls gel
~citre shine gel
~suave healthy curls spray gel spray gel
~loreal out of bed
~loreal tightly wound gel
~gf brilliantine shine cream gel
~gf brilliantine shine wet shine gel
~3-in-1 mousse extra hold
~joico curl definer creme/gel
~joico joiwhip

any ideas? the only 'cones in any of these are water soluble ones
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politics is like me and my buddy going hippo hunting. we shoot a hippo and it falls on us. now, instead of using our joint effort of pushing the hippo off of us, we arue for 5 1/2 years on who's idea it was in the first place to go hippo hunting.