Personally, I wish people would stop posting dramatic thread titles regarding their negative co-wash experiences.

This is a "natural hair" site and topics that attempt to discourage people from being natural should not be allowed on here.

I cannot image "co-washing" being worst for any scalp condition than the detergent that is in shampoo. If one does not massage their scalp, and cleanse properly their follicles will become clogged and damage will occur. This is true no matter what one puts on their hair.

I am not a big fan of doctors since they make money off of my being sick, not getting healed, [also I have had three incidents of doctors lying to me]. Since then, I deal with a more holistic approach when I have to deal with doctors.

Anyone that has any type of challenges with an element of the natural hair process that causes you to lose hair...please find a dermatologist that comes from a holistic approach.

My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
3B/C - Easy to straighten, [no heat ever/no protect. styling].

Low Porosity/Medium Density
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BC - 12/2012

I am a "Co-Wash/Finger Comb Lady!

Scalp Cleanser - SM ABS Purification Hair Masque
Co-wash - Tresemme Naturals
Hydration - SM CH
Curl & Style Milk
LOC - Organic Coconut Oil
Styler - SM CH Curl Smoothie
Deep Cond. - SM Yucca & Plantain Masque