^ ditto. I don't understand remaking classic, well loved, popular movies. I couldn't bring myself to watch Footloose or Carrie. And if they ever remake Dirty Dancing (not the Havana Nights sort of remake) or Flashdance I won't watch them.
And I usually hate the remakes I do end up watching - Psycho anyone?
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One reason is because a lot of younger people won't watch "old" movies no matter how good they may be. And "old" is now the 70s and 80s. I used to teach an arts class online and I had students flat out tell me they wouldn't watch a black and white movie.
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I wondered about that. Someone has always attempted remaking a movie here and there, since the beginning of cinema, but it has seemed incredibly excessive for years now. Makes me ill because they are wasting so much time re making works rather than putting out something original.

I've been glad to see several working on movies that others have tried to get made for many years, with no luck. They have had to reach a point where they could produce it themselves, to make this happen, but that is worth it.

Anywho, one of my nephews asked a question on FB a few weeks ago about the best movie villains. I noticed Percy from The Green Mile (1999) was as far back as their, and their friends, 23-24 year old knowledge went. I hammered out a rather large list, spanning back long before I was born in the 70's. It made me giggled and sigh. You miss so much. There are numerous older films that are worth watching. Sure, the times may have been different but that does not mean you can not relate to the characters. You also miss out on some amazing cinematography. I took every variation of Movies as Lit I could get my hands on, and loved when movies I had not seen were shown. I also loved it when we discussed some I was very familiar with. I would have felt like I was limiting myself otherwise. But I do see it as an art form, as well as entertainment. I think that makes a difference, and I thank my elementary school art teacher and The Red Balloon for that.


I am watching Revolution, yet again. I have tried to watch twice but fallen asleep because I was exhausted. This time I will finish it.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??