I have no idea what to think about the Texas man receiving death threats after winning a lottery to hunt a black rhino. The thought of someone hunting an animal on the most critical of endangered species lists makes me sick, period. The thought of people threatening to kill his toddler makes me sicker. Contain yourself, or seek some professional help. His little girl has nothing to do with it.

I do understand it is sponsored by Namibia, and he is only allowed to hunt an older male who is a danger to young black rhino's himself. I can not say I know all the in's and outs with that particular animal but I am familiar with several males killing the young in numerous species of animals. They will kill their own, kill if they are hungry, kill to free up a female to mate again, and kill to reduce competition. The older they get, the more threatened they feel.

They also say the $350,000 he spent goes toward helping the species. I would hope so. Kind of an odd lottery, but one that raises attention for sure.

ETF: If all is completely on the up and up, it is one of those situations where you have limited options. Tranquilize the old b**tard (she said jovially) and move him to a sanctuary where he lived out the rest of his numbered days in complete stress, solitude and captivity which he would not know, understand, or be able to adjust to OR put him down? What is more humane. Put him under and put him out or raise some money to help the others in the process? It's a lose/lose in most cases, and at this point the guy whose family is being threatened is doing more to help than the nose pickers making the threats. Strange but true.
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