I was formally diagnosed a couple years ago and it never occurred to me that it could be the cause to my hair loss. My hair's been falling out A LOT over the past year and I couldn't figure out why. I haven't been treated for it yet, but was wondering if there were any dietary changes I could make for the time being to help my hair grow.
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i was recently diagnosed with PCOS. my hair has also been thinning. i used to have beautiful, thick, wavy hair. anyway, i'm on several supplements for my PCOS:

1. herbal tinctures of chaste tre, dandelion root, false unicorn, golden seal, licorice, white peonie, nettle and red clover
2. 1 tab of d-chiro inositol twice daily
3. tribulus on days 5-14 of my period. one tab during those times.

I'm also taking iodine to help with my ovarian cysts and my hypothyroidism.

As for diet, I'm trying to avoid caffeine (that contributes to cysts). I was already vegan before I was diagnosed so I'm sticking with that diet, except limiting soy. I tend not to eat packaged foods or fast food. I may add in organic eggs every now and then. We will see. Hope this helps.
2a wavy. acv is my friend. flax gelee weighs down my hair too much.

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