My daughter hair is damaged from this misleading product, very disappointed !!!!! Never use this on a childs hair!!! NEVER!!!
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What is the difference between a relaxer and texturizer?
A relaxer is a crème that is used to chemically straighten naturally coiled or curly hair textures. A texturizer is a mild relaxer that loosens the natural curl pattern of hair and produces easier manageability.

They say it is a relaxer. I don't see any misleading there. I have picked up a box of JFM and compared it to relaxers marketed to adults and saw the ingredients were practically identical. They just swap the grown lady picture for a little girl. What this product is is plain as day if the time is taken to do the research. I'm totally against putting a relaxer in a child's hair and not just talking about this particular product. No reputable salon would ever relax a child's hair yet it is done over kitchen sinks all the time.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.