I am not easily embarrassed. I have flashed people, been busted having sex numerous times by different people (that's mostly with the same person over a 6 year period and as long as it was not a parent, I was fine) , walked around in my drawers and crop top one night at a party at my boyfriends house (not much different than a bathing suit), said crazy stuff at the wrong time, *and I have had some epic falls! Someone normally has to help me up. I'm too busy laughing at myself, and I think that ability helps. One of the few things I can think of involved getting my period for the 2nd or 3rd time at 6 Flags and not being able find a pad or tampon. People were pointing at me and saying "awwww" for quite some time and my friends grandma (mom basically) was mad at me. Why I do not know. She was 80 and pissed off in general by that point.

Most of the moments that mortified me involved my father in a very public diabetic rage.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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