No. No. No. Sorry. I do still have to ask, like I had to ask in the 90's... Who would find nude pictures of your adult adopted daughter, in the possession of your husband, find out they are having an affair, and publicly accuse him of molesting your 7 year old daughter, while continuing to work on a film with him? Mia, that's who.

Makes no sense what so ever. Just like publicly announcing that you were having a long time affair with your dead ex husband, and he is the father of a child who you claimed was fathered by another man, therefore damaging your credibility to some extent, a few months before you rehash the child molestation allegations and award season. *I also meant to mention* just before your son's show starts on MSNBC. Again, it makes no sense and is a little too choreographed, Twitter rants and all. I never knew what to think about that anyway. I know the girl was examined and found to be "in tact" but Mia had Woody in therapy for what she called an intense relationship with the child, and f**k all. Neither should have procreated.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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