Curly: this is why we often need to make adjustment in our "look" when we go gray. I live in the madison, WI area, and I have not been able to find such a person, but I know there are professional image consultants that assist with this sort of thing. They are probably pricey , but so are endless salon treatments. I also think we have gotten used to thinking that dyed hair looks "young" when in fact, past a certain point it really does not. I was in a Panera's weeks ago and ther ewas a table of about 6-8 women, all with dyed hair - except one. Guess who looked stunning. She had short, pixie- like hair, and big blue eyes. The rest of the women looked washed out and dull. Start by looking around you, but have a more open "lens" or attitude! you will find, I think, that you see m any great looking women with silver hair.