I hate, hate, hate ending up with a "shelf" probably more than anything with thinning shears a close second. I don't know if this what you want to include but what I hate the most was getting my hair chemically straightened in the '70s and my hair broke off at my part. Like everyone else I didn't know my hair was curly. I wish that stylist had taken a moment to look at my hair. He was too busy pretending he was Warren Beatty in "Shampoo".
2C/3A med, med density,med elasticity, high porosity color-treated
No Poo: various VO5s testing Gliss Volumizing (keratin) for summer
Citric acid rinse or vinegar
RO: SM Honey Mask with agave
Conditioner only styling with water, water and more water, or jojoba + SM Superfruit
Styler: KCCC or Ecostyler Olive Oil occasionally
Love most oils but can't use CO in winter