@CurlyinParadise: I'm right up just behind you - I'll be 67 in June LOL! About still being into makeup, etc. at our age and up, I don't know, about it being exclusive to our generation. There are 80 and 90 year-olds who are rocking it. Not huge numbers, but still. Check out the British documentary film Fabulous Fashionistas for example, and a blog called Advanced Style, mostly older ladies than us for sure. But I think there is one thing that might be exclusive to ours to some extent, we're not our mothers when it comes to beliefs about aging and what we can do. Because of this, we're also a bloc of people who are going to raise you-know-what about the treatment of elderly people as we advance into that stage of life ourselves, however it plays out for us. Doing the best I can by placing a healthy lifestyle first and foremost, myself!