tee hee...the post lady liked my hair.. When I was mailing my taxforms out today by certified mail she kept staring at my hair. (and thank goodness b/c she was distracted and didn't notice my onion breath )
She asked me how I got the curls to be so uniform, and well....perfect?
I told her that I used about 3 diff. prods in to get it to do that. And no hair dryer air dry only. She asked how long it took to dry and when I told her about 3 hours she said "My my...I just don't have that kind of time in the morning." I replied "I don't either but I really don't care what I look like to my first hour of customers anyway. They know it looks better when they see me later. Besides I am not going to get up any earlier than 4am, not even for perfect hair! HA!"
Cincinnati Ohio>>>Coarse protein sensitive 3a, Jessicurl WDT as a leave in, Biotera gel, White Boots, PW= coffeecurls

"Man tries to exaggerate what nature has given him," Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

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