Today's updates!

1) First, I went to the newspaper company for a second interview. I WANTED IT SO MUCH! The first interview with them went SO well, and I think I just built it up too much in my head and started stressing too much I didn't sleep much last night (my dog was walking around making noise all night too!) and wasn't my best today I met the director of the division, and I wasn't in there too long. I feel like I rambled. HOWEVER...maybe I can hope that I made enough of an impression on the HR woman and the other lady I met with on Monday and maybe when they're making their decisions, those two can root for me in case the director wasn't sure of me...

2) After that interview, I went to the newspaper and I really am not interested in this position, even though it's a huge paper and the building's great and seemed like a nice place to work. I was a little bummed after my first interview, so I think I just "didn't care" and was pretty relaxed, plus, the lady was VERY nice...we talked for a while, then she made me wait to see if the manager was available to meet with me, but he wasn't, so she asked me if I could come back next week. I'm going on Tuesday.

Right now, I just have that "I've been running around the city in heals" all day feeling help.gif