It killed me when the local news did their special report on frivolous 911 calls last week. They picked a center in WNC and got several examples from them. They have been doing this once a year for 2 years now. Nothing I have not heard, but it's unsettling when you realize just how lazy and helpless most people are. Mostly lazy and misinformed. They shared a very drunk man calling and yelling at the dispatcher because she would not call a cab for him. According to him, she was the police (no she is not) and therefore she can hail a cab better than he can. The cabby told him he was too drunk, and would have to listen to her. He then starts cussing her and saying he is going to drive home drunk and asking her if that is what she wants. She's making him drive drunk! I always love it when they do that isht. I'll have a blue light taxi in wait and a vehicle description before they stumble out of the bar.

It's true though. I think people are so used to one click that they have no idea how to function, drunk or sober.

Best had to be the guy who called because he just spotted his first black widow spider. He wanted to know the proper steps to alert the community. Oh jeebus. It's such a rare occurrence :-/ It must have been smuggled in the area in a suit case.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??