so i joined a local political action group we call Women & Politics London.

our mission is to encourage women to run for political office at all levels of government - no matter their political orientation/party. we will be running a candidate school for the upcoming municipal election.

i will be giving a presentation on our group and talking about the gender imbalance in Canadian political representation on February 18th at an event called "Ignite London".

this week in Canada, a female politician has been criticized for her high-pitched voice (by a male journalist) and a female journalist has been criticized (by women) for wearing high heels and red lipstick in a magazine article about her work.

HELL with all of that, peeps!

i am doing my presentation rocking 4-inch heels - my black and white, polka-dot, peep-toe platforms - and my favourite black and white flowered tunic over black leggings along with one of my gothic chokers and the reddest lipstick in my arsenal - MAC Ruby Darling!!!

i am SO sick of other people defining a "good" feminist!

my PERSONAL BRAND of feminism is "fierce 50ish fashionista" - and you don't have to like it or adopt it, but it doesn't mean that i believe any less in equality!

them's fightin' words...

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