Oooh, I love your hair!! I like all the different styles in your fotki...what do you hold up the double buns with? They look so cute!

Your post lady was right on!
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I use the smaller claw clips from Scunci. They are the size that would fit around your index finger and just touch tips. Know what I mean? They make them now with a bit of rubber on the inside to keep them from slipping. I have like 4 different sizes of them because they are so darn handy. I keep a handful of them is my purse. Plus my hair is so dark they just seem to disappear. I only really need one per bun if I do it just right. I use these instead of bobby pins as I have a bit of thickness. I usually only use those for pinning my forehead hair to the side. And I have to put them in crossing each other like and "X" to keep them from sliding out.
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