Aren't they!? I had one at 11 AM and then one at 2 today. I was on the train by 4 and had been looking forward to reading, but instead, conked out!

I could seriously write a BOOK about the interviews I went on after graduation...2 years, 9,354 interviews...

-one place shook my hand, said, "Welcome aboard!" and didn't hire me!

-one with an INCREDIBLY creepy man who asked me, "Are you a good liar? This job is about not managing my office, but managing my personal life...I have a very interesting personal would have to learn to be very discreet. (Offered me the job on the spot. I called him later and told him I couldn't, because I had asthma. He was a heavy smoker and smoked in the office!)

-one for a play licensing company, which I was actually quite interested in, and the HR woman went on and on and on to me about how horrible the boss was. "You will feel happy at the end of each day because you have survived another day. He will make you feel lower than dirt. You are not allowed to talk to him in the elevator. IF you're not interested, tell me now. It is your get out of jail free card!" (wow).

-some dude who gave me the third degree of why I had been out of college "soooooooo" long (1.5 years at the time) and was still at my college job (working in a bookstore!) I wanted to belt him! Geeze, I'm sorry if my current job isn't good enough for you, but I'm obviously applying and interviewing!