I hope he can too, Starmie. That worries me the most. I talked to him about it as gently as I could. He gets stuck in this place (the hamster wheel in his head) where he is not honest with himself or anyone else. He will tell you something or you will see him do something one day and when you bring it up a day or two layer in a discussion, because it was relevant and important, he says he doesn't do it/never feels that way. It's very hard to get anywhere with him because he automatically shuts it down. He is going to have to open up to a doctor the way he opens up to me, but remain present. I am not sure if he can at this point without medication. I know he does not want it, but he needs it. He really needs it, and therapy. We had several long talks and spats before he made his appointment, but I am so glad he did. It was worth it.

I hope he will okay tonight. He was going to visit this guy for the last time before he moves. *Which i am not crazy about, especially in his frame of mind but he has it stuck in his head that he needs to explain exactly how he made him feel and make him understand this. Warn him that someone will jerk him around one day, and tell him to think of him when it happens. He is 24. He is immature and confused. My friends has known this all along. I've been there. I've wanted to do that, hell I have done that! BUT... It doesn't do any good. He played a part in it too. And When someone breaks your heart you are not thinking of your ex.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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