Hey y'all

We've been in the throes of redesigning NaturallyCurly.com to make it function better for members. Turns out redesigning a site with 15 years worth of content is no easy task

I wanted to circle back and ask you all what you want to see on NaturallyCurly.com in the future?

What do you think IS working? What ISN'T? Is a certain section of the site not user-friendly? Do we need more wavy hair content? These are all things that have come up in the past and I want to open up the floor for feedback and suggestions.

ALSO: I don't know if you've noticed, but we have a new section of the site: Q&A. Have any of you had a chance to dabble with it? Is it a useful tool, given that we have CurlTalk already? I see CT as a place for conversations, awesome friendships and really connecting. But some people just want a hard and fast answer to their question, which is what Q&A is supposed to be. Yes? No? Hate it? Let me know!
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