I opened up my Jessicurl Too Shea! and found a bit black spot right in the middle of it. It didn't smell bad but the black spot definately looked like mould. It was on the lid as well and was slightly pink tinged.

I've had the Too Shea for about 9 months and I know that's a long time. And believe me, I'd much rather Jess kept preservatives and nasty chemicals out of her products than stop them going mouldy after a while.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced their products going 'off'?

Also I know the Too Shea is in a bit tub so it's kinda hard not to get it contaminated with water as even if I use a scoop, water kinda drips in off my wet hair and face!

Does anyone know the average shelf life of jessicurl products/ conditioners? Does this seem normal for the conditioner to go after a while? Or has it been contaminated?

cleanse: OS shampoo. PureNuffStuff cleanser.
condition: Aussie 3MM. Jessicurl Aloeba.
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