I personally love the Q&A section, I frequently go one there and answer questions. It's a great place for simple questions with a quick answer. The issue is that none of the questions are monitored and I've been avoiding the whole section out of frustration. I love to help people, but they are the same questions over and over again. Some are unanswerable, such as people asking for their hair type with no picture attached. There are vague questions like, "what are good hair products for 3b hair?" I'm finding that the people using the Q&A section are just those who are too lazy to explore the site. I don't know how to fix the issue, but it's driving me nuts because there are people with real questions that are bumped down to page 3 because of all of the silly repeated questions flooding in. When the section was new, the questions were great, now it all went downhill.

I'm also finding that most info is geared towards type 4 hair, but also that the quality of info for wavies and loose 3s is sub-par. Not only that, but I find that most product suggestions for loose curlies are not CG approved.

As for the product section, I would like a option that weeds out polyquats, as a lot of people have issues with them. Maybe an icon that warns of them, or shows they aren't in there.

This isn't as important, but the photo section is crazy. I try to see 3a pictures, and I get everything but. It amazes me that somehow type 4s end up in a section for wavy photos.

I feel like I'm coming across as tearing this website apart. I'M NOT! I love naturallycurly.com to pieces and it saved my hair, these are just little things I've been noticing.

3a, fine/med strand thickness, high density, low porosity
CG since April 2012
BC October 2012
Cleanser: SheaMoisture Manuka Honey or CJ Daily Fix
RO Conditioner: Mop Top Daily Conditioner
Leave In: KCKT
Stylers: Either Raw Curls Spray Gel, Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel, or MopTop Curly Custard, and always topped with Curlisto Control II Gel
Sealer: Pure Argan Oil