It can be next to impossible to bring up new messages in long threads. When I click on links to specific messages in threads I've subscribed to, I will often be taken to the first message in the thread. The links don't come through at all on my tablet.
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1 -- i recently noticed that once you are in that thread where a search will put you, instead of going thru the entire thread, once you are on the thread, there is a 'search this thread' function on the blue horizontal menu. there, you can further put in the specific word, phrase you are looking for and it will bring you to it.

2 -- i agree with kathymack's response to the Q&A section. they are much better off searching and looking thru curl talk, or even putting the question as a new thread there. there is no 'correct' answer, so to give a 'quick and hard' answer is impossible. hence, i would not bother to answer in that format. honestly, i can think of many questions they could ask, and there just isn't a quick, simple answer.

3 -- i agree about the articles, many not researched or edited, just some info lifted from the forums and frequently not accurate. i generally have stopped reading them. however, i can see where the occasional visitor to nc would be caught by them. it is what brought me to this site, so i think they are a good introduction.

4 -- the 'notifications' link still doesn't do anything. when someone likes a post, the notification brings you back to that person's profile. ????

5 -- the filters in the photo search format still do not work, rendering what could be a useful format useless. i believe this has been brought up before.

i think naturally curly is undergoing an identity crisis. is it a business, with quick and simple to pull people in? while i was not around in the very beginning of nc, i did start lurking in early 2006 when it was still pretty small and seemingly more 'scientific-bent' than now.

i know that if it doesn't bring in income, nc won't be here. the reality is nc has to do whatever will bring that in. as a self-employed woman, i totally understand, 'it's business,' and admire what they have done, bringing essentially a blog to a full-blown, very famous business. and understanding what it is, i am grateful to have this site as i do find lots of info here. love the salon reviews, the product reviews.
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