An area with ALL the definitions for all the codes[initials] used on this site.

I asked and received a vague answer, [with more], codes that didn't help me at all, [didn't ask about curl types].

Maybe a group of people can be assigned to give assistance to those that come in here looking for help.

I am basically a newbie and I notice that people will post questions and get at least 18 views but not 1 person will answer the question.

When I see the question has gone unanswered for a long time, I will attempt to help them only to have another person respond attempting to correct me. Well, why didn't they answer the person in the first place????

This is not suppose to be the place where a person comes to boast of their success while keeping the secret to it to themselves.

My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
3B/C - Easy to straighten, [no heat ever/no protect. styling].

Low Porosity/Medium Density
Mid Width/BSL-stretched/
BC - 12/2012

I am a "Co-Wash/Finger Comb Lady!

Scalp Cleanser - SM ABS Purification Hair Masque
Co-wash - Tresemme Naturals
Hydration - SM CH
Curl & Style Milk
LOC - Organic Coconut Oil
Styler - SM CH Curl Smoothie
Deep Cond. - SM Yucca & Plantain Masque