I tried something different this week and I ended up with the curliest hair I've ever had. I had the best hair day with this. After getting out of the shower and scrunching with a MF towel, I combed through a dab of Re:Coil with a shower detangler comb (after reading the B&A method thread, I'm going to get a Denman brush this weekend and try brushing it through next time), scrunched really well again with a MF towel and then plopped just long enough to moisturize and brush my teeth -- probably about 10 minutes. Plopped mainly just to keep the hair out of my face while I did all this. Then took my hair out of the towel and smoothed on & then scrunched in gel and scrunched again really well with MF towel, plopped again until I put on make-up, got dressed, piddled around, etc. (about 20-30 minutes). When I took the towel off, even the top of my head looked like it had snakes coming out of it there was so much curl. So even with shorter layers growing out on top, I got volume and curls. I diffused for about 5-10 minutes and had great curls and volume; even had 2nd day hair which is unusual for me. My hair seems to like the extra scrunching and the double plopping. I plop exactly like it's done in the Jessicurl video.
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