[QUOTE=Geek_Chic;2250541][SIZE=3]@rbb - I'm not having any trouble viewing my likes. I am on CurlTalk via PC, and IIRC, you run a Mac... When I click the notification, it takes me to my profile where I can see a list of my posts that people have liked. The most recent is at the top and when I click that, it takes me directly to the post that was liked.

Many of the boards are busy, especially General Discussion. Not everyone reads every thread, some people read and don't have an answer, some posts just gradually end up on the bottom of the page where not everyone looks. Some people take a break from posting, but they still like to read threads. I'd suspect this sort of thing happens on most busy forums.

People often ask questions that have already been answered many times, or that are covered in a sticky if only they had used the search function or explored the boards before posting, or even something they could have answered for themselves with a quick google search. Whether right or wrong, sometimes veteran posters get tired of re-typing "I can't tell you what your hair type is without a picture of all your hair, dry and unmanipulated, without product", or other answers they've typed out too many times to count. Some of them, sometimes, will probably click into a thread, then read and move on simply because they don't want to take the time to reply right then. Again, right or wrong, I'd suspect this sort of thing happens on most forums.

LadyC -- thanks for the info! i had tried multiple times earlier on to get info on the notifications and it always just brought me to my profile, with no other info, so i finally stopped checking. wish they had said that it had been updated. maybe that would be good, when they fix, update a function they can let us know.

i agree with all you said about getting tired to answer the same question over and over, especially since most of them are not short answers. and answer can be found using a search. or, at times i merely do not have the time to answer, just reading quickly.

it seems like these Q&A are basically the same as curl talk, but not organized so repeated over and over.
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