I thought VA was federal program that operated under federal guidelines

Also there is a VA program that issues housing vouchers (VASH) that is separate from state programs. Have your friend talk to a Social Worker with VA.

I love this country. As a 50 year old Black women I celebrate the election of our first Black president. You don't have to like the man or his policies but it makes me proud to see how far this country has come AND YES I KNOW WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO..........

And it's an okay place to be if you poor, hungry, homeless, and disabled. There are worse places to be if you are any of that. Far worse places to be.
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While you are correct in saying there are worse places to be, I believe that depending upon which state you're in, the insufficient safety net available is ridiculous considering the wealth of our nation. The "South" is ridiculous. I know someone who is a divorced Veteran in Florida with 3 children. She is essentially homeless-staying with people she knows and has moved 7 times in a year with her kids (after losing her job and being evicted). There isn't any help available, there is no government housing and Section 8's waiting list has been closed to new additions for over 3 years.
That we allow this is ridiculous, in other states and in Canada, she'd get assistance securing suitable, affordable housing.
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