I like Vonzell's style of singing the best. But, in looking for an American Idol, I am thinking about someone who the majority of Americans will purchase the record. It has actually made me upset that all these people are voting for the AI, but when their records come out, they aren't selling. Don't we realize that the prize is to make a record??

So, I've only voted for Vonzell, because out of the people left hers is the record I would buy. But, I want Bo to win. I won't vote for him, because I'd feel bad voting for him knowing I would never buy his record. I just think he is a very good performer, and though I don't like his actual singing that much, I like watching him (and his beautiful hair). Carrie is boring, so I'm not into her, though I think her voice is the most versatile in the group. I agree Vonzell has shown the biggest range, but Carrie has shown more genre versatility by singing country, pop, and some ballads relatively well. So, they could market her three different ways.
People rise to the standard expected of them. GC