I'm not a first timer but fairly new. This will be my third time doing it. The first time I choose a pre-blended shade (henna mixed with amla and other herbs). I got mine from Henna for Hair. It was darker than I wanted but not in a bad way at all, just a dark red. The second time I did straight up Jamilla. I found a local store that carried it. It turned out a much lighter shade of red but faded quickly This time around I got pure Henna from Henna Color Labs. I'm pretreating with their Henna Treatment (Neutral henna(cassia obovata), alma gooseberry, shikakai fruit, brahmi oil, khus grass, Barbados nut, heded oil, baheda oil, katha/acaia leaves). I have found my scalp really likes Henna. I have very dry skin with a fairly bad case of psoriasis. My scalp has been this way since I was a teenager. I was tried of paying for all the prescriptions. I noticed after the first Henna that my scalp wasn't itchy or flaky for about 4 weeks after the treatment. I couldn't believe it. So I plan on using the Henna treatment once a week on my scalp as a preventative measure. I honestly love Henna and I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge.