I'm starting a 28 day challenge (daily yoga+6 day of pilates/wk) today. I've loved yoga's benefits, and pilates is something easy I can do at home during these cold months. Hoping after almost a year off fitness my knee will be in better condition, as I injured it Oct 2012 during soccer and therapy didn't really help. Maybe if this challenge goes well I can start running again as it warms up.

Ive been going to the gym five times a week, at least 30 mins cardio and starting weights. At the doctor today I had gained 5 lbs! She wasn't concerned bc my clothes fit the same and feel good, but I am a bit disappointed.

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I have the same darn problem!!! I've lost so many inches, but my weight just isn't budging! Last time I started an exercise program I gained 6lbs but lost like 8 inches and my clothes fit better. I don't really understand it either.
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The reason you can lose inches and remain the same weight is because muscle is more condensed (takes up less space) than fat. If you're building muscle and losing fat at the same rate, you'll retain weight and lose inches; if you're losing fat faster than you're gaining muscle you'll lose weight and inches. You can also gain muscle without losing fat, and in turn you'll gain weight and probably inches.
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