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I love reading reviews on The Americans. I avoid spoilers and just read general thoughts on the show. I mentioned in another thread that people thought the show was too modern and not true to the 80's. I get the biggest kick out of reading those because they were obviously written by people who were not born until the 90's. "They showed a motel with key cards and some remote controls for tv's! It seems like they would do a better job than that." Yeah okay. Key cards have been around since the 50's and some tv's did have remotes in the 80's (like the first PC's, they cost you your first born and your soul) but whatever. "Keri Russell's hair is straight and she dresses too modern! She would not have had straight hair in the 80's". If you pay attention to the opening of the show you will see pic's of her with curly hair. She plays a Russian spy posing as your average American woman. The straight hair is part of her cover. And she wears leotards and lots of button down dress shirts with 1980's Guess jeans. What are you talking about and better yet what do you think people wore in the 80's? Flour sacks? Someone even bi*ched about the Pac Man video game table not being realistic. You remember those. The video game screen with a glass table top over it. I loved those. My favorite place to sit in Pizza Hut while we waited on our food, except they had Centipede. Anywho, it's humorous. *And I have to think Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys enjoy these roles. Both are my age and were just kids when the 80's portion of The Cold War was going on.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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