so yeah everybody loves summer, cool clothes, getting a tan, etc etc but it just sucks on hair (well at least my hair) I live in Florida and even though i was looking forward to the warm weather now i'm hating it!!! i've realized that no matter what products i use if i step outside and there's any humidity it just seems like all the product in my hair dissapears by the time it's dry it's just a sticky undefined mess, i was so happy because all the products i used were giving me great results in the cooler months but now i have to find a whole new batch of products that won't leave me with a puffy mess,
any recomendations on summer products that can stand humidity????
i need help

oh by the way i've been using LOOB, Re:coil, HE the yello/orange tub kind can't remember the name.
any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
Very modified CG. Activate and B2B pomegranate Condish. Re:coil, Joiwhip, LOOB, HE set me up and orange bottle. Boots, cant' remember anymore.
In a place where dry and burned straight hair is so common my wild spanish curls are my greatest weapon!