I also live in S. FL and except for a week in January and maybe another in February as far as I'm concerned is too warm all the time but at least sometimes the humidity is lower. Anyway, I HATE having to put up with 7 or more months of heat and humidity, so I totally conmiserate with you!

As for products, unfortunately, it seems that I cannot get consistent results from year to year*. For instance, in 2004 the combo of FOTEAVG/honey kept the frizz away wonderfully but not so the next year so then I switched to Suave Frizz Control Gel (which has been reformulated since...), it was a little drying so last year I didn't use it as much. Last year was particularly trying so sometimes I even resorted to silicones.

*I think the key is what condition my hair is in, I color it and sometimes may have damaged it a little bit so I think it's important to keep the hair very well conditioned so the cuticle won't open up "seeking" the humidity in the air. Conditioners should be less rich than during the "winter" and if protein is not a problem heavier on it because it helps keep moisture in. Also, oils should be used very sparingly (or not at all for some) and additional sources of heat (i.e., straightening with a blow dryer/flat iron, curling irons, etc.) be avoided or seriously limited.
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