Well, first let me clarify that not everyone needs to avoid oils, like everything this is a very individual thing, also I suspect not all oils affect the hair equally. But I've observed through the years that for me and quite a few others it's during the dry/cool season that the hair thrives on all kinds of oils. Some people that start using them during the summer proclaim that their hair "hates" oils, which could be totally inaccurate because every year I see more and more people just love them during the fall and winter.

I'm not quite sure what the reason is but I know that as it gets warmer and more humid here I sadly have to stop using my favorite hair creams and oil moisturizers because they either overwhelm my hair, cause some hairs to separate from the curls or give me frizz. The only one that I've used consistently is jojoba oil, but just a couple of drops when scrunching out gel hardness.

My advice to anyone who's been loving the use of oil-rich products in recent months is to keep an eye on how the hair behaves as the weather gets warmer, if you notice any frizz or hair separation, cut back.
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