Why haven't I read this thread earlier? This is so much fun!

As far as my own hair goes, this is close to my ideal hair:

I like my hair best when it is well-defined and when I have a big bush of chunky curls and a few ringlets. I would like my underlayers to be more curly but in general, if I'd have this hair every day, then I'd be the happiest camper.

Although I must say that I miss the amount of hair and volume I have in this picture:

This was during a dance performance in 2008. We had our hair braided the evening before and I cannot remember putting much effort in my ponytail the next morning. All pre-CG.

One of the things I miss right now is how well my ponytail used to look when I was mod CG. This is in Parc GŁell, Barcelona. That morning I had put my dry hair in a ponytail, then wet the tail part with my spray bottle before combing it with a wooden brush. Then I scrunched in one pump of TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream and let it air dry. Unfortunately this stuff has silicones and polyquats in it. I did use CG low poo and conditioner by ABBA back then, but I wasn't aware that my styler was not CG. I loved that stuff and I just love how natural my hair looks and the volume!

As for curl crushes, I just love the way Vanessa Marano's curls look, though I'm never sure if they're her own.

Oh, and AnnaLynne McCord's curls!

If only I could achieve that! But so far my good days have been accidental. Pre-CG I knew what to expect - now it's either hit or miss and I don't even know why most of the time.
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