The ONLY thing that works for me in the hot & humid weather is Curl Keeper. I don't normally have a really bad frizz problem, but I do in middle of summer here in TX I don't use a leave-in at all in the summer, either.

The trick of CK (again, for my freakish hair) is to comb it through after rinsing out my conditioner, then letting it soak into my hair for a few minutes. Then I apply my gel (by smoothing it over the CK, then scrunching). I can't use the CK any other time, because it makes my hair look limp, but it's my HG for the summer
Discovered in 09/2003

2b~~fine texture~~normal porosity (except for highlights, which are high)~~normal elasticity~~medium density

Shampoo: Still use sulfates, but only on roots
Rinse out: Deva One C, JC Too Shea, Original Sprouts Deep Conditioner
Curl Enhancers: KCCC; JC Rocking Ringlets, JC Spiralicious, & Confident Coils
Styler: BRHG (over any and all curl enhancers) - this is the one product that I never change - absolute HG!!