I've done two full henna applications so far with BAQ henna. And I am very happy with the results. I don't want to go much darker so I think I will just be doing my roots from now on. I don't mind the long messy process, just glad I don't have to chemical dye anymore. I haven't noticed much fading and it leaves my hair shiny and healthy. Only downside, I straighten my bangs and I have noticed significant darkening to that hair in comparison with the rest of my head.
Fine 2c-3a Curls
Normal porosity/ Medium density
Henna over color-treated hair
Not currently CG
Poo: Pureology hydrate
RO: Pureology hydrate
LI: HSH Tri-wheat spray
DT: Coconut oil
PT: Henna/Cassia
Styler: AG recoil/mousse-gel