Samanthacurlz, I always find it incredibly difficult to judge that based on ingredients. I mean, I know my hair does not like SLS, any cone (water-soluable or not) and polyquats, but when I encounter surfactants that are not straight sulphates or cocobetaine, then I cannot predict it. I think my hair loves cocobetaine because it did extremely well with CJ Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, but I cannot get my hands on that for the time being. Also, my hair loved Weleda Wheat Shampoo but it has alcohol in it and while my hair actually looked better than with the shampoo that I currently have (which has no alcohol), I don't dare to get it again simply because I'm scared of what it might do. This is the alcohol vs. non-alcohol comparison:

On the one hand I'm tempted to just get the Burt's Bees Volumizing one and see what it does, but in the Netherlands, you don't have any return policies. I like that there is protein in it and it just looks good in general. It's just the third surfactant (disodium cocoyl glutamate) and the polyquat, although low on the list, that make me doubt.
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