I am glad the interim is someone you know and like, Rou. PS- I would ask someone to remove a pic I absolutely hated.

Scrills, that sounds like a great plan to me. I hope it helps.

Guess who called out of work 15 minutes before the shift started today? Lol. He sounded like he just woke up, but was claiming he caught his sons stomach flu and his daughters crud. So, you caught a UTI? He is so full of it. He said he was afraid this would happen, yet yesterday he bit*hed about the school nurse chewing him out for bringing his son to school, like he was contagious or something. At this point he has told so many lies he has no idea what is what. It's his twin's 3rd birthday today, and he probably did not get home until midnight because he was out on the baseball & softball fields with his deathly ill children. I would rather people tell the truth than 35 different stories.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??