I really wish people would stop with the VOIP 911 calls. I understand so many are taking that route because they are getting rid of home phones/land lines, but they end up being absolutely miserable with it. We had a care facility completely transfer all their phones to VOIP. Another center in a completely different state takes the call, gets the information, calls us and relays all the information and then connects us to the nurse. They fight with the nurses on the phone, telling them to stop talking because they have to tell us all the exact same information first. The nurses are yelling CAN I TALK NOW!?!? It's awful and it *ooops. should be adds* several minutes to the response time, which is the last thing you want when a person needs an ambulance. They are now calling us from their cells rather than dealing with it.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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